Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation of America (INHFA) Announces New Board President and Secretary
The latest additions demonstrate the organization’s continued commitment toward protecting Israel’s historical and ecological landmarks.

The Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation of America (INHFA), an organization dedicated to protecting Israel’s natural landscape and history, announced today the election of two new board officers. Taly Dery, who also serves as INHFA’s Finance committee chair, will replace Co-Chairs David Kaufman and Stacy Mark as Board Chair and President. Rachel Haber, a long-time board member, was elected as INFHA’s new board Secretary. Dery and Haber will continue the organization’s mission to protect and enhance awareness and access to Israel’s most important historical landmarks, and to that end, will work closely with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

Taly Dery is the CEO and founder of Global Impact Inc., a Miami-based business development company that drives the international expansion of disruptive Israeli technologies, in prop-tech, food-tech, biotech, and wellness. Taly currently serves on several charitable committees, and regularly participates in public speaking events. In response to the announcement, Taly said, “It is our duty to preserve and maintain our homeland for generations to come. As the new board president of INHFA, I am looking forward to supporting the numerous projects required to maintain Israel’s fragile Nature and Heritage landscape.

Rachel Haber is the founder of KnowingNature, a business that promotes sustainable gardening to kids and adults, helping both experience nature at home and in school. Rachel started her career working at an Israeli-American nonprofit organization, as well as in environmental regulations of wetlands and wildlife. Rachel states, “The INHFA brings communities of various faiths, cultures and backgrounds together, to preserve Israel’s history and natural beauty. Hundreds of Israel’s ecological and ancient historical sites are only available to the public, and millions of international tourists, because of the work of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority — and I am excited and honored to contribute to that work.”

Matan Sivek, INFHA’s Executive Director, welcomed the new officers: “I would first like to thank David Kaufman and Stacey Mark who established INHFA and paved the way for many to take part in preserving Israel’s nature and heritage. The INHFA team is grateful for their leadership and all that we have accomplished together during this unprecedented year. I am looking forward to working with our new Chairwoman, Taly Dery, and our new Secretary, Rachel Haber, to continue serving Israel’s nature and heritage, establish new partnerships and reach new audiences to leverage the organization’s impact.”


Israel Nature and Heritage Foundation of America, or INHFA, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting the nature and heritage in Israel. INHFA is working closely with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority to continue preserving important ecological and historical sites throughout Israel.

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