Shivta National Park
— Renewing the Reservoirs

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Built by the Nabatean and ruled by the Byzantine, Shivta National Park is one of the most celebrated heritage sites in Israel’s Negev desert. The ancient city, dating back 2000 years, features a sophisticated water management system more advanced than anything of its time.

Because of Shivta’s complex network of dams, canals and reservoirs that reveal an innovative and groundbreaking rainwater collection system, the town was considered a jewel in the middle of the desert. But due to decades of neglect, Shivta National Park was unmaintained, underfunded and left to fall into disrepair.

Your support will bring new life to this ancient city and allow for more people to learn about this incredible historic landmark.

Our ongoing restoration project includes:

Restoring the shallow irrigation pool, giving visitors access to a gorgeous and calming recreation space.

Reviving the deep dry pool, where visitors can learn ancient techniques used to maintain life in the desert.

Create an exciting tourist attraction for nature and heritage lovers alike.

Boosting the local economy by pulling in both domestic and international tourism.

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