Israel National Parks Foundation

Israel National Parks Foundation

Our mission is to protect and preserve Israel’s natural beauty and endearing history for generations to come. With your help we will restore Israel’s ancient heritage sites, save endangered wildlife, and promote educational initiatives for underserved populations.

This Is Our Legacy, Our Heritage, Our Future. And It’s Time We Protect It.

We’ve partnered with the Israel Nature & Parks Authority and together we provide aid to a multitude of projects that preserve Israel’s storied past and build a sustainable future.


Our wildlife preservation projects seek to bring over 200 of Israel’s historically indigenous species back from the brink of extinction.


Our restoration projects aim to bring Israel’s treasured historical sites back to life, while making them accessible for everyone to enjoy.


Our educational projects bridge the socioeconomic gap by bringing together children from diverse backgrounds to connect and learn together.

Israel Needs Us. Now More Than Ever.

archaeological sites in need of restoration
species on the brink of extinction
of Israel is made up of national parks and reserves
in total budget went to preservation, but we still have a lot of work to do!

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Sea Turtle Rescue Center


Beit She’an Theater

Tel Ashkelon National Park

Children for Change

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Together we make all the difference

Yam Evtach Marine Reserve

The February 2021 “tar storm” that hit the coastline of Palmachim was an eye opening experience for ecologists across Israel.

Removal of Tar from Palmachim

The February 2021 “tar storm” that hit the coastline of Palmachim was an eye opening experience for ecologists across Israel.

Roie Galitz Q&A

This Earth Day we had the pleasure of sitting down with Roie Galitz, superstar wildlife photographer, master educator, and an incredible spokesperson for conservationist movements around the globe.

Bobby Goldberg Q&A

Robert “Bobby” Goldberg has been a prominent philanthropist and activist in the Jewish community for decades.

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