Mazor Monkey Sanctuary
— A Refuge of Hope

Safety, Comfort and Rehabilitation, for Those Truly in Need.

When a monkey breeding farm in Mazor closed, 1800 Long-Tailed Macaques were left without a home. What’s worse, when the farm was open, these creatures were bred to be sold for harmful research experiments. But at INHFA, we teamed up with the Israel Primate Sanctuary Foundation to create one of the largest monkey sanctuaries in the world.

The sanctuary saves, rehabilitates and cares for over 1,100 monkeys, who have undergone extreme trauma through harrowing experiences in their pasts. Through our membership you can help this center give these beautiful creatures a new lease on life. Your contributions feed them, provide aid, and when ready, return them to the wild.

So far, the sanctuary has achieved these remarkable milestones:

  • Implementing birth control in petting zoos across Israel

  • Reducing the illegal trade of primates in Israel by 90%

  • Treating monkeys from over 18 different species

  • Expanding resources to care for over 1800 primates

With your support, we can continue this amazing work done by the sanctuary, to give these incredible creatures hope and comfort, when they truly need it.

Your Support Will Help Us:

  • Purchase tools for stimulation including rattles, mirrors, and toys

  • Obtain a woodchipper to sustainably produce our own floor bedding

  • Build swimming pools to regulate monkeys’ temperature during the summers

  • Create a facility that allows monkeys the freedom to move between cages

Become a member today,
and help us in our cause!

With your help, we can give these monkeys the warmth, comfort, and love that they deserve.