Restoring Tel Ashkelon
— A Walk Through History

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New Discoveries of Ancient Wonders.

The long lost city of Ashkelon was once home to several milestones of Jewish history and heritage. During the period of the United Monarchy of Israel, Ashkelon was populated by the Philistines. When David mourned the death of King Saul, he did so here. Herod the Great was also known to have constructed great bathhouses, fountains, and colonnades in Ashkelon.

Beyond its storied heritage landmarks, Ashkelon is also home to some of Israel’s unique biodiversity, including bulbs and native tubers, groups of gazelles and foxes, as well as endangered reptile species.

In 2021, authorities uncovered a Roman-era basilica, the largest ever found in Israel. We have partnered with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Leon Levy Foundation to develop, restore and improve this site. Currently, we are working to restore the Odeon in order to create a viewing area as we restore the basilica. With your help, we can deliver greater access to this important location, for many more people to enjoy each year.

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Our Work in Tel Ashkelon National Park Includes:

  • Building a network of accessible paths to connect to major points of interest.

  • Modern and illustrated signs explaining the park’s heritage, from prehistory through today’s latest discoveries.

  • A new visitor center offering fully interactive experiences showcasing the area’s incredible history and inhabitants.

  • Restoring of the Roman-era theater, including a stage and seating area for the public to observe the restoration of the basilica.

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