The Palace at Tel Megiddo
— Ancient Revelation Meets Modern Innovation.

Thousands of Years of History,
Brought to Life.

The beauty of national parks in Israel, is that the deeper the history that is revealed — the more we are able to repair and discover. Nowhere is this more apparent than at the site of Tel Megiddo. Archeologists in the area have discovered flint, figurines, and pottery items dating back to 5000 BCE. 

The restoration of the palace at Tel Megiddo aims to grant the public access to visit the structure that was built during the 1st Temple Period. Educational materials need to be created in order to demonstrate the mesmerizing nature of the palace.

We are working to create a 3D model of the palace, as well as restoring the palace to its former glory by repairing the palace walls, incredible pillar entrance. It will be filled with educational signage so the public can visit the park and learn about the rich history of those who lived here before.

Before RestorationAfter Restoration

The restoration project includes:

  • Restoration of the palace walls

  • Restoration of the pillars in the entrance to the palace

  • Creating signage to educate the public

  • Improve accessibility so people can enjoy walking around the palace

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