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Adopting a Sea Turtle: The Only Gift that Matters.

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a special moment in a teenager’s life. Gathering together with their friends, family, and community in celebration of their budding maturity. But instead of the usual partying and gift-giving — we’re offering youngsters a chance to do some real good, for creatures who truly need it. 

Introducing our Adopt-a-Sea-Turtle program — where upcoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah students may raise sponsorships that will go to saving the life of a very special Sea Turtle! Contributions will go towards the construction of our brand new Sea Turtle Rescue Center, to give them a fighting chance to beat the threat of extinction.

When you adopt a Sea Turtle, you’re doing your part in giving these animals a better future.

Adopt a Sea Turtle

Our Adopt-a-Sea-Turtle project includes:

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Together, we can give these creatures a chance to live, survive, and thrive — the way they were meant to.

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