Reviving Beit She’an
Bringing theater to life


During the peak of the Roman Empire, a bustling city known as Scythopolis, or Beit She’an, just happened to contain the largest and most impressive Roman Theater in all Israel. But through the centuries, the theater began to deteriorate dramatically, and large-scale productions seemed to be a thing of the past.

That ends now. Through our widespread restoration project, we have revitalized and renewed this once-great cultural artifact, and brought it into modern times.

The orchestra is now complete and held its first concert for children of diverse backgrounds from all over the northern region of Israel. Our goal is to bring more people from around the world to visit this beautiful site, and educate them on its history. With your help, we can elevate Beit She’an back to the vibrant cultural center it was during the Roman era and share it with the everyone.

Before RestorationAfter Restoration

Our Beit She’an Restoration Project Includes:

  • Completed orchestra flooring restored to its original glory at the front of the ancient stage.

  • A vast backstage area, created for artists and performers to prepare.

  • A new, durable infrastructure will be undertaken.

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