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Many Different Backgrounds…One Shared Mission.

Israel is home to a plethora of different religions, culture, ethnicities, backgrounds and viewpoints. But in the midst of a global climate crisis, ecological degradation, endangered wildlife and disappearing natural resources — we are all united as one. 

Our Children for Change program brings together students from many different walks of life — Muslim, Druze, Christian or Jewish — to learn from and cooperate with each other to create a brighter future and a cleaner environment.

When you become a member, you’ll be taking part in an exciting opportunity to bridge social gaps in Israeli society, provide unforgettable experiences in nature, and enhance sustainable awareness to families that cannot otherwise afford it.

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Our Children for Change project includes:

  • Raising funds to provide well-defined outdoor trips, to nurture the personal connection with the natural world.

  • Holding cleanup events that remove trash and other pollutants from natural areas.

  • Building tolerance and understanding through exercises and activities.

  • 160 different classes, located in 25 different towns across Israel.

  • 4000 students that are currently participating in the project.

Take part in protecting Israel’s historical gems by becoming a member of The Roots Cause.

With your help, we can build a lasting bridge… from a troubled present, to a promising future.

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