Sea Turtle Rescue Center
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Sea Turtles in the Middle East are facing extinction, and need our help, now. These beautiful turtles are constantly threatened by human negligence — getting caught by fishing hooks, plastic bags, and torpedo boats. They face strangulation, as well as the breaking and amputation of their limbs.


Sea Turtles are found on Israel’s shores every year, wounded or dead


Sea Turtle hatchlings will survive to maturity


species of Sea Turtles in Israel are endangered

But with your support, we can build new facilities including a new rescue center to welcome injured turtles. You can have a direct impact on the center by also aiding in the construction of a new hospital and visitor center. This will allow the public to enjoy the center and be educated on the current state of sea turtles in the Mediterranean.

Our Sea Turtle Rescue Center:

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With your help, we can restore these native populations to their ancient numbers — giving them a better future.