A Bar/Bat-Mitzvah Hero! Save the Ocean, One Turtle at a Time

Bnei-Mitvah boys and girls to the rescue! Have you ever wanted to be a true superhero? Adopt a sea turtle and make a real difference to our planet.

Meet Ella – a Bat-Mitzvah Girl and Her Beloved Turtle

You Can Save Their Lives!

Sea turtles face constant threats posed by human negligence, and are often caught in fishing hooks, plastic bags and torpedo boats. These beautiful sea creatures suffer strangulation, broken bones and sometimes, even the loss of a limb.
But you can make all the difference for them – use your Bat/Bar Mitvah by spreading some good. Take action and help the only sea turtle hospital in Israel save their lives.


Sea turtles are wounded and swept ashore every year. Most don’t survive.

In 2020

Dozens of sea turtles were hurt by human drilling operations in the Mediterranean Sea.

The green

Sea turtle is facing extinction in Israel and the Mediterranean Sea.

Due to

Plastic fishing nets and litter, small sea turtles get caught and severely injured.

Celebrate Your Bat/Bar Mitvah with Them!

Luckily for those gorgeous sea turtles, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to save them and make a special connection.

After you save a sea turtle, you become friends for life. You can name the turtle and once it recovers, follow it with a unique GPS tracking technology as it navigates through the sea.

Your contribution will also assist in constructing a brand-new sea turtle hospital that will save many other sea turtles in the region. You can give them a fighting chance  to beat the threat of extinction.


Volunteers operate the center


Sea turtles were treated at the center over the past year.


First breeding nucleus of its kind in the world!


Schoolchildren visit the center every year.

Every Superhero Needs a Team – Invite Your Friends to Take Action!

You can start your own fundraising campaign, and the money you raise will allow the Israeli sea turtle rescue center to save as many turtles as possible. You even get to name your turtle!

What do we do to save sea turtles?

What is it that we do?

We treat, rehabilitate and release over 160 injured sea turtles each year.

70% of the sea turtles that received treatment at the rescue center are reintroduced to the ocean!

  • Maintain a breeding center for up to 30 green sea turtles
  • Relocate 95% of all unprotected nests in Israel each year
  • Provide guided tours for the public, hosting over 30,000 students
  • Invent new treatment technologies such as the buoyancy device to amputated sea turtles
  • Research sea turtle biology and behavior


We invite you to join us by becoming members of NFI! Your membership is more than a donation; we want you to become an active partner of our team and together, we will create a profound change at a national level on both environmental issues and the preservation of our heritage. Any donation is appreciated, and you will become a member of the NFI by making a donation of over $360. Take an active part and leave your mark on the Israeli landscape!

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Thank you for contributing to Israel's nature!