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Located on the Golan Heights, overlooking the Sea of Galilee, is Gamla Nature Reserve—one of the largest heritage sites in Israel. Gamla has produced impressive archaeological finds from several periods, including Second Temple period ruins, the ruins of an ancient Christian Village, and one of the world’s first ever synagogues.

Known sometimes as the “Masada of the North,” the heritage site is most famous for its stirring history of Jewish freedom fighters who rebelled against the Roman empire during the First Jewish Revolt. 

Today, the area surrounding Gamla has once again become the grounds for war—a place where thousands of Israelis have fled from in search of safety. As of consequence, the nature park has closed.

This year, INPF is leading Gamla’s bold reopening and building its first visitor center. In doing so, we hope to revitalize the economic infrastructure of Israel’s northern cities while ensuring future generations can experience Gamla’s inspiring story of Jewish courage and resilience.

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  • The unveiling of a grand western visitor center and park entrance to welcome millions

  • A brand-new campground site to increase accommodation options for distant travelers.

  • A grandstand to showcase a spectacular sound and light show at the foot of the ancient fortress.

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